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QXmppIceComponent Class Reference

The QXmppIceComponent class represents a piece of a media stream requiring a single transport address, as defined by RFC 5245 (Interactive Connectivity Establishment). More...

#include <QXmppStun.h>

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Public Slots

void close ()
void connectToHost ()
qint64 sendDatagram (const QByteArray &datagram)


void connected ()
 This signal is emitted once ICE negotiation succeeds.
void datagramReceived (const QByteArray &datagram)
 This signal is emitted when a data packet is received.
void gatheringStateChanged ()
 This signal is emitted when the gathering state of local candidates changes.
void localCandidatesChanged ()
 This signal is emitted when the list of local candidates changes.
- Signals inherited from QXmppLoggable
void setGauge (const QString &gauge, double value)
 Sets the given gauge to value.
void logMessage (QXmppLogger::MessageType type, const QString &msg)
 This signal is emitted to send logging messages.
void updateCounter (const QString &counter, qint64 amount=1)
 Updates the given counter by amount.

Public Member Functions

 ~QXmppIceComponent () override
int component () const
bool isConnected () const
QList< QXmppJingleCandidatelocalCandidates () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppLoggable
 QXmppLoggable (QObject *parent=nullptr)

Static Public Member Functions

static QList< QHostAddress > discoverAddresses ()
static QList< QUdpSocket * > reservePorts (const QList< QHostAddress > &addresses, int count, QObject *parent=nullptr)


class QXmppIceComponentPrivate
class QXmppIceConnection

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from QXmppLoggable
void debug (const QString &message)
void info (const QString &message)
void warning (const QString &message)
void logReceived (const QString &message)
void logSent (const QString &message)

Detailed Description

The QXmppIceComponent class represents a piece of a media stream requiring a single transport address, as defined by RFC 5245 (Interactive Connectivity Establishment).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~QXmppIceComponent()

QXmppIceComponent::~QXmppIceComponent ( )

Destroys the QXmppIceComponent.

Member Function Documentation

◆ close

void QXmppIceComponent::close ( )

Stops ICE connectivity checks and closes the underlying sockets.

◆ component()

int QXmppIceComponent::component ( ) const

Returns the component id for the current socket, e.g. 1 for RTP and 2 for RTCP.

◆ connectToHost

void QXmppIceComponent::connectToHost ( )

Starts ICE connectivity checks.

◆ discoverAddresses()

QList< QHostAddress > QXmppIceComponent::discoverAddresses ( )

Returns the list of local network addresses.

◆ isConnected()

bool QXmppIceComponent::isConnected ( ) const

Returns true if ICE negotiation completed, false otherwise.

◆ localCandidates()

QList< QXmppJingleCandidate > QXmppIceComponent::localCandidates ( ) const

Returns the list of local candidates.

◆ reservePorts()

QList< QUdpSocket * > QXmppIceComponent::reservePorts ( const QList< QHostAddress > &  addresses,
int  count,
QObject *  parent = nullptr 

Tries to bind count UDP sockets on each of the given addresses.

The port numbers are chosen so that they are consecutive, starting at an even port. This makes them suitable for RTP/RTCP sockets pairs.

addressesThe network address on which to bind the sockets.
countThe number of ports to reserve.
parentThe parent object for the sockets.

◆ sendDatagram

qint64 QXmppIceComponent::sendDatagram ( const QByteArray &  datagram)

Sends a data packet to the remote party.


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