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QXmppHttpUploadRequestIq Class Reference

Represents an HTTP File Upload IQ for requesting an upload slot as defined by XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload. More...

#include <QXmppHttpUploadIq.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QXmppHttpUploadRequestIq (const QXmppHttpUploadRequestIq &)
QXmppHttpUploadRequestIqoperator= (const QXmppHttpUploadRequestIq &)
QString fileName () const
 Returns the file name of the file to be uploaded.
void setFileName (const QString &filename)
qint64 size () const
 Returns the file's size in bytes.
void setSize (qint64 size)
 Sets the file's size in bytes.
QMimeType contentType () const
 Returns the (optional) MIME-type of the file.
void setContentType (const QMimeType &type)
 Sets the MIME-type of the file. This is optional.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppIq
 QXmppIq (QXmppIq::Type type=QXmppIq::Get)
 QXmppIq (const QXmppIq &other)
 Constructs a copy of other.
QXmppIqoperator= (const QXmppIq &other)
 Assigns other to this IQ.
QXmppIq::Type type () const
void setType (QXmppIq::Type)
bool isXmppStanza () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppStanza
 QXmppStanza (const QString &from=QString(), const QString &to=QString())
 QXmppStanza (const QXmppStanza &other)
 Constructs a copy of other.
virtual ~QXmppStanza ()
 Destroys a QXmppStanza.
QXmppStanzaoperator= (const QXmppStanza &other)
 Assigns other to this stanza.
QString to () const
void setTo (const QString &)
QString from () const
 Returns the stanza's sender JID.
void setFrom (const QString &)
QString id () const
 Returns the stanza's identifier.
void setId (const QString &)
QString lang () const
 Returns the stanza's language.
void setLang (const QString &)
QXmppStanza::Error error () const
 Returns the stanza's error.
void setError (const QXmppStanza::Error &error)
QXmppElementList extensions () const
void setExtensions (const QXmppElementList &elements)
QList< QXmppExtendedAddressextendedAddresses () const
void setExtendedAddresses (const QList< QXmppExtendedAddress > &extendedAddresses)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool isHttpUploadRequestIq (const QDomElement &element)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QXmppIq
enum  Type { Error = 0 , Get , Set , Result }
 This enum describes the type of IQ. More...

Detailed Description

Represents an HTTP File Upload IQ for requesting an upload slot as defined by XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload.

QXmpp 1.1

Member Function Documentation

◆ setFileName()

void QXmppHttpUploadRequestIq::setFileName ( const QString &  fileName)

Sets the file name. The upload service will use this to create the upload/ download URLs. This may also differ from the actual file name to get a different URL. It's not required to replace special characters (this is the server's job).

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