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QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Item (const Item &)
 Default copy-constructor.
 Item (Item &&)
 Default move-constructor.
Itemoperator= (const Item &)
 Default assignment operator.
Itemoperator= (Item &&)
 Default move-assignment operator.
QString jid () const
void setJid (const QString &jid)
QString name () const
void setName (const QString &name)
QString node () const
void setNode (const QString &node)

Detailed Description

Item represents a related XMPP entity that can be queried using XEP-0030: Service Discovery.

Member Function Documentation

◆ jid()

QString QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::jid ( ) const

Returns the jid of the item.

◆ name()

QString QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::name ( ) const

Returns the items human-readable name.

◆ node()

QString QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::node ( ) const

Returns a special service discovery node.

◆ setJid()

void QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::setJid ( const QString &  jid)

Sets the jid of the item.

◆ setName()

void QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::setName ( const QString &  name)

Sets the items human-readable name.

◆ setNode()

void QXmppDiscoveryIq::Item::setNode ( const QString &  node)

Sets a special service discovery node.

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