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QXmppVCardAddress Class Reference

Represent a vCard address. More...

#include <QXmppVCardIq.h>

Public Types

enum  TypeFlag {
  None = 0x0, Home = 0x1, Work = 0x2, Postal = 0x4,
  Preferred = 0x8
 Describes e-mail address types.

Public Member Functions

 QXmppVCardAddress ()
 Constructs an empty address.
 QXmppVCardAddress (const QXmppVCardAddress &other)
 Constructs a copy of other.
QXmppVCardAddressoperator= (const QXmppVCardAddress &other)
 Assigns other to this address.
QString country () const
 Returns the country.
void setCountry (const QString &country)
 Sets the country.
QString locality () const
 Returns the locality.
void setLocality (const QString &locality)
 Sets the locality.
QString postcode () const
 Returns the postcode.
void setPostcode (const QString &postcode)
 Sets the postcode.
QString region () const
 Returns the region.
void setRegion (const QString &region)
 Sets the region.
QString street () const
 Returns the street address.
void setStreet (const QString &street)
 Sets the street address.
Type type () const
 Returns the address type, which is a combination of TypeFlag.
void setType (Type type)
 Sets the address type, which is a combination of TypeFlag.

Detailed Description

Represent a vCard address.

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