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QXmppOutgoingClient Class Reference

The QXmppOutgoingClient class represents an outgoing XMPP stream to an XMPP server. More...

#include <QXmppOutgoingClient.h>

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Public Slots

void disconnectFromHost () override
- Public Slots inherited from QXmppStream
virtual void disconnectFromHost ()
virtual bool sendData (const QByteArray &)


void error (QXmppClient::Error)
 This signal is emitted when an error is encountered.
void elementReceived (const QDomElement &element, bool &handled)
 This signal is emitted when an element is received.
void presenceReceived (const QXmppPresence &)
 This signal is emitted when a presence is received.
void messageReceived (const QXmppMessage &)
 This signal is emitted when a message is received.
void iqReceived (const QXmppIq &)
void sslErrors (const QList< QSslError > &errors)
 This signal is emitted when SSL errors are encountered.
- Signals inherited from QXmppStream
void connected ()
 This signal is emitted when the stream is connected.
void disconnected ()
 This signal is emitted when the stream is disconnected.
- Signals inherited from QXmppLoggable
void setGauge (const QString &gauge, double value)
 Sets the given gauge to value.
void logMessage (QXmppLogger::MessageType type, const QString &msg)
 This signal is emitted to send logging messages.
void updateCounter (const QString &counter, qint64 amount=1)
 Updates the given counter by amount.

Public Member Functions

 QXmppOutgoingClient (QObject *parent)
void connectToHost ()
 Attempts to connect to the XMPP server.
bool isAuthenticated () const
 Returns true if authentication has succeeded.
bool isConnected () const override
 Returns true if the socket is connected and a session has been started.
bool isClientStateIndicationEnabled () const
bool isStreamManagementEnabled () const
bool isStreamResumed () const
QXmppTask< IqResultsendIq (QXmppIq &&)
QSslSocket * socket () const
 Returns the used socket.
QXmppStanza::Error::Condition xmppStreamError ()
 Returns the type of the last XMPP stream error that occurred.
QXmppConfigurationconfiguration ()
 Returns a reference to the stream's configuration.
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppStream
 QXmppStream (QObject *parent)
 ~QXmppStream () override
bool sendPacket (const QXmppNonza &)
QXmppTask< QXmpp::SendResultsend (QXmppNonza &&)
QXmppTask< QXmpp::SendResultsend (QXmppPacket &&)
QXmppTask< IqResultsendIq (QXmppIq &&, const QString &to)
QXmppTask< IqResultsendIq (QXmppPacket &&, const QString &id, const QString &to)
void cancelOngoingIqs ()
bool hasIqId (const QString &id) const
void resetPacketCache ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppLoggable
 QXmppLoggable (QObject *parent=nullptr)


class QXmppOutgoingClientPrivate
class tst_QXmppOutgoingClient

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QXmppStream
using IqResult = std::variant< QDomElement, QXmppError >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QXmppStream
QSslSocket * socket () const
void setSocket (QSslSocket *socket)
virtual void handleStart ()
virtual void handleStanza (const QDomElement &element)=0
virtual void handleStream (const QDomElement &element)=0
void enableStreamManagement (bool resetSequenceNumber)
unsigned int lastIncomingSequenceNumber () const
void setAcknowledgedSequenceNumber (unsigned int sequenceNumber)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QXmppLoggable
void debug (const QString &message)
void info (const QString &message)
void warning (const QString &message)
void logReceived (const QString &message)
void logSent (const QString &message)

Detailed Description

The QXmppOutgoingClient class represents an outgoing XMPP stream to an XMPP server.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QXmppOutgoingClient()

QXmppOutgoingClient::QXmppOutgoingClient ( QObject *  parent)

Constructs an outgoing client stream.

Member Function Documentation

◆ disconnectFromHost

void QXmppOutgoingClient::disconnectFromHost ( )

Disconnects from the server and resets the stream management state.

QXmpp 1.0

◆ iqReceived

void QXmppOutgoingClient::iqReceived ( const QXmppIq )

This signal is emitted when an IQ response (type result or error) has been received that was not handled by elementReceived().

◆ isClientStateIndicationEnabled()

bool QXmppOutgoingClient::isClientStateIndicationEnabled ( ) const

Returns true if client state indication (xep-0352) is supported by the server

QXmpp 1.0

◆ isConnected()

bool QXmppOutgoingClient::isConnected ( ) const

Returns true if the socket is connected and a session has been started.

Reimplemented from QXmppStream.

◆ isStreamManagementEnabled()

bool QXmppOutgoingClient::isStreamManagementEnabled ( ) const

Returns whether Stream Management is currently enabled.

QXmpp 1.4

◆ isStreamResumed()

bool QXmppOutgoingClient::isStreamResumed ( ) const

Returns true if the current stream is a successful resumption of a previous stream.

In case a stream has been resumed, some tasks like fetching the roster again are not required.

QXmpp 1.4

◆ sendIq()

QXmppTask< QXmppStream::IqResult > QXmppOutgoingClient::sendIq ( QXmppIq &&  iq)

Sends an IQ and reports the response asynchronously.

It makes sure that the to address is set so the stream can correctly check the reponse's sender.

QXmpp 1.5

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