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QXmppPubSubIq Class Reference

The QXmppPubSubIq class represents an IQ used for the publish-subscribe mechanisms defined by XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe. More...

#include <QXmppPubSubIq.h>

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Public Types

enum  QueryType {
  AffiliationsQuery, DefaultQuery, ItemsQuery, PublishQuery,
  RetractQuery, SubscribeQuery, SubscriptionQuery, SubscriptionsQuery,
 This enum is used to describe a publish-subscribe query type.
- Public Types inherited from QXmppIq
enum  Type { Error = 0, Get, Set, Result }
 This enum describes the type of IQ. More...

Public Member Functions

QXmppPubSubIq::QueryType queryType () const
void setQueryType (QXmppPubSubIq::QueryType queryType)
QString queryJid () const
void setQueryJid (const QString &jid)
QString queryNode () const
void setQueryNode (const QString &node)
QList< QXmppPubSubItemitems () const
void setItems (const QList< QXmppPubSubItem > &items)
QString subscriptionId () const
void setSubscriptionId (const QString &id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppIq
 QXmppIq (QXmppIq::Type type=QXmppIq::Get)
 QXmppIq (const QXmppIq &other)
 Constructs a copy of other.
QXmppIqoperator= (const QXmppIq &other)
 Assigns other to this IQ.
QXmppIq::Type type () const
void setType (QXmppIq::Type)
bool isXmppStanza () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QXmppStanza
 QXmppStanza (const QString &from=QString(), const QString &to=QString())
 QXmppStanza (const QXmppStanza &other)
 Constructs a copy of other.
virtual ~QXmppStanza ()
 Destroys a QXmppStanza.
QXmppStanzaoperator= (const QXmppStanza &other)
 Assigns other to this stanza.
QString to () const
void setTo (const QString &)
QString from () const
 Returns the stanza's sender JID.
void setFrom (const QString &)
QString id () const
 Returns the stanza's identifier.
void setId (const QString &)
QString lang () const
 Returns the stanza's language.
void setLang (const QString &)
QXmppStanza::Error error () const
 Returns the stanza's error.
void setError (const QXmppStanza::Error &error)
QXmppElementList extensions () const
void setExtensions (const QXmppElementList &elements)
QList< QXmppExtendedAddressextendedAddresses () const
void setExtendedAddresses (const QList< QXmppExtendedAddress > &extendedAddresses)

Detailed Description

The QXmppPubSubIq class represents an IQ used for the publish-subscribe mechanisms defined by XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe.

Member Function Documentation

◆ items()

QList< QXmppPubSubItem > QXmppPubSubIq::items ( ) const

Returns the IQ's items.

◆ queryJid()

QString QXmppPubSubIq::queryJid ( ) const

Returns the JID being queried.

◆ queryNode()

QString QXmppPubSubIq::queryNode ( ) const

Returns the node being queried.

◆ queryType()

QXmppPubSubIq::QueryType QXmppPubSubIq::queryType ( ) const

Returns the PubSub queryType for this IQ.

◆ setItems()

void QXmppPubSubIq::setItems ( const QList< QXmppPubSubItem > &  items)

Sets the IQ's items.


◆ setQueryJid()

void QXmppPubSubIq::setQueryJid ( const QString &  queryJid)

Sets the JID being queried.


◆ setQueryNode()

void QXmppPubSubIq::setQueryNode ( const QString &  queryNode)

Sets the node being queried.


◆ setQueryType()

void QXmppPubSubIq::setQueryType ( QXmppPubSubIq::QueryType  queryType)

Sets the PubSub queryType for this IQ.


◆ setSubscriptionId()

void QXmppPubSubIq::setSubscriptionId ( const QString &  subscriptionId)

Sets the subscription ID.


◆ subscriptionId()

QString QXmppPubSubIq::subscriptionId ( ) const

Returns the subscription ID.

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